What’s new

We’re always improving Marune and adding new cool stuff. Here are the latest updates

Version 2020.20November 2020

Invite a friend

Invite 3 friends and get one year of Peak for free

When 3 people use your referral code to create new accounts, you get Marune Peak free for a year.

Version 2020.16September 2020

The Community Feed

Join the conversation with our new Community Feed. Ask questions, discuss what's hot in the martial arts world and stay up to date with all the cool stuff happening on Marune.

Version 2020.11July 2020

Apple Health & Google Fit

Connect Marune to your Apple Health or Google Fit account and sync trainings, exercises and the new workout sessions.

Version 2020.8May 2020

Round Timer

You can now start a round timer and configure the number of rounds, duration, rest period and more. After you`re done training, save your timer stats as an Exercise or Training.

Version 2020.7April 2020


You can now post quick messages & images to your feed without them having to be linked to a training activity. Ask a question, post a meme, it’s up to you :)

Version 2020.4March 2020

Personal Wiki

All the techniques you trained are now available in your Personal Wiki. You can add Notes and Photos to each of them and see your stats.

Version 2020.1February 2020

Dark Mode!

If you are updated to iOS 13 or Android 10, welcome to the dark side!

Marune now adapts to your phone’s appearance settings.

Version 2020.1February 2020

Training Wiki

We’re introducing the first version of something really cool! You can now save techniques to your Training Wiki and whenever you tap on them anywhere in the app you’ll be able to see your stats.

Keep an eye on the Training Wiki over the next few months for some exciting updates.

Version 2019.12November 2019

Instructor Profiles

Turn this on in Edit Profile If you’re an instructor. We’ll add an “Instructor” label to your profile everywhere it’s shown as well as the Instructor icon badge.

Version 2020.16September 2020


#covidsucks, but you can still stay physically active and active in the community!

Check out the new general feed, exercise tracking, Google Fit and Apple Health integration, advanced metrics, workout/training routines, and more, ad free!

Version 2020.12August 2020

Web Profile URLs & Redesigned Training Log

Web Profiles are here!

  • Share a link to your web profile at marune.social/your-username
  • You can find your web profile url on your Profile screen in the app

Redesigned Training Log

  • Exercises and Workout Sessions now included in the Training Log
  • New Year To Date tab
  • New Filter widget for faster navigation
Version 2020.9June 2020

Martial Arts Workout Routines

Create and discover Martial Arts Workout Routines and train them right in Marune.
  • Build your own Martial Arts Workout Routines and train them as much as you want
  • Publish your Workout Routines and let others train them
  • Add Sets & Exercises with videos
  • Configure Exercise metrics like time, repetitions, weight & resistance
  • Add Videos to each exercise and set them on loop
  • Discover Workout Routines from our community and train any of them with Peak
Version 2020.7April 2020


We’re adding a very simple way to log your exercise activities while gyms are closed. You can log HIIT, Yoga, Resistance, Cycling, Running & Swimming activities.

Version 2020.6March 2020

Real-time Peak Insights

See how you compare to your peers when it comes to hours trained and consistency. View the most popular techniques on Marune.

Version 2020.2March 2020

Marune Peak is here!

Get Peak to unlock extra power-user features and take your training to the next level.

Version 2020.1February 2020

Redesigned Navigation

A shiny new big red button to track your training, competition, weight or belt promotions.

The subpages buttons moved to the bottom of the screen so they’re easier to reach.

Weight moved to the Training Log.

Gi Tracker and a new Goals section in the More tab.

Version 2019.12November 2019

Flows & Technique Tags

Now you can naturally describe what you’ve trained and tag techniques

Turn this on in Edit Profile If you’re an instructor. We’ll add an “Instructor” label to your profile everywhere it’s shown as well as the Instructor icon badge.

Version 2019.12November 2019

Teaching Activities

Teaching a class? Now you have a brand new activity type just for that.

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